The image on the ROOMZ Display is not up to date

  • If the preview is correct on the Portal

    The ROOMZ Display is not able to communicate with the ROOMZ Server. On the Dashboard, the connectivity Flag is certainly red

    • Check the Wi-Fi configuration of the ROOMZ Display using an Android Smartphone with NFC : Wi-Fi configuration with NFC

    • Check that the MAC Address of the ROOMZ Display is part of the 'white list' (if there is any)

    • If your display is more than 2 years old, try to change / swap the battery with a working device. More here : battery replacement

    • Connect the Display to your PC using a Micro USB Type B Cable and ROOMZTools and contact us on for more help


  • If the preview is not correct on the Portal (For On-Premise installations only)

    The ROOMZ Service is stopped, and the new images are not created anymore for the Displays

    • Check that the ROOMZService is still running on the ROOMZ Server. You can execute services.msc on your Windows Server and search for the ROOMZService

The ROOMZ Display shows a dark screen with "Agenda of room room_name is currently not available"

  • The ROOMZ Server is not able to communicate or exchange data with the booking system (after 2 timeouts of 40 seconds each).

    • Check the booking system configuration on the ROOMZ Portal

    • Check that the password of the user defined in the booking system configuration has not expired

    • Check the Room Id in the mapping is valid (Configuration, My Sites)

    • If you use ROOMZ in the cloud, check that the list of outbound IP addresses coming from Microsoft Azure are able to access to your booking system :IP Addresses 

Eventhough my Wi-Fi Settings are valid, the Display shows a message ERROR: WLAN Connection failed

  • The Display can not connect to your Wi-Fi Network

    • Check that your access points are broadcasting 2.4Ghz signal

    • Check that you are using channels 1 to 11 (US Standard)

    • If you're using WPA2 Enterprise, check that the RSA key length for your Radius and Wi-Fi Certificates have a maximum of 2048 bits

    • If you're using your own certificates, check that they are established with a Cipher Suite supported by the Display. See list here

    • Connect the Display to your PC using a Micro USB Type B Cable and ROOMZTools and contact us on for more help

    • In some very rare cases, we found incompatibilites with some Access points, that refuse to grant connection to specific devices, depending on their MAC Addresses. If nearly all devices are connecting except a few of them, contact us for a solution:

I have trouble using the ROOMZ Application with NFC to read or write a Network configuration

  • Your mobile shows the following message "NFC tag lost, please stay on the device without moving ROOMZ ID : 04xxxxxxxxxxxx"

    • Place your Smartphone approximately 5mm away from the surface of the Display and keep this position. The NFC antenna is located on the bottom left of the Display, more information here. You can also search the web in order to locate the NFC Antenna of your Smartphone depending on its model and optimize your placement

  • Your mobile shows the following message "The request timed out ROOMZ ID : 04xxxxxxxxxxxx"

    • Your smartphone is not able to communicate with the ROOMZ Server in the cloud, check your connection to the mobile network or the Wi-Fi network you're currently using

I plugged my Display with USB and now the options are missing (View - Refresh - Book - Release etc.)

  • This is a normal behaviour

    • If your displays are connected to the Wi-Fi and mapped in the portal, just wait for the next standard communication (next polling interval). The options will be refreshed automatically

My problem is not listed here, or the suggested solutions are not working