I cannot book a meeting room in myROOMZ.

This is correct. When you arrange a meeting, booking a meeting room is not usually the first step. Meeting rooms should be reserved via your existing calendar booking system (Outlook / google / Etc.)
The Process for making a booking is :

  1. who is invited -> add participants

  2. when are the people free (find a suitable date)

  3. specify the subject so people know what the meeting is about

  4. agenda - possibly with inserts or attachments

  5. add teams or zoom link

  6. and only then, find a suitable room

If myROOMZ controlled the meeting room booking part, the user would need to book the meeting room without completing steps 1 to 5, making it far more complicated.

It is also important to mention that many booking systems have a "Room Finder" that can help with the room search.

Nevertheless, the overview of all meeting rooms in myROOMZ is dynamic, showing the real time booking status of all locations (flight board and/or digital floor plan). Users can easily see which meeting rooms are currently available and simply make an instant booking on a room display. In this way, the vacant meeting rooms can be better utilised in an ad-hoc manner (The meeting room becomes a huddle or collaboration space).

Error message “A corporate account is required to access myROOMZ.

If you log in with any account, and you get the following error message, please check the following steps:

We use Single sign on (SSO) and would like to have a direct link to log in to myROOMZ

We would like to know what privileges are required for SSO with Microsoft?


We have several domains, only users from one domain can log in.

  • Send us a message, with all your domains, to: and we will add them.



How to log-in?

  • To log-in, you can open and choose to sign in with Microsft, Google or a specific Roomz Connector

  • If it is your first time on myRoomz, please go to “Create a new account”. You will be able to sign up via the connector setup by your Roomz administrators (In your organisation).


I can not connect

  • Please, be sure you are using your company email addresses to connect. If you are using your private computer / phone, you might be logged with your private address. If it is the case, you first need to log-out directly from your broswer (Microsoft or Google).

  • As mentioned above, if it is your first time, you have to sign-up first in order to connect.

  • Your administrator might not have set up the Microsoft, Google or Roomz connector. Please contact her/him to know which connector you are allowed to use.

  • Your administrator might not have set up the self-sign-up and he has to create your user in the Roomz Portal.