1 - Account creation, invite users


Email invitation

Congratulations ! Your partner has invited you to the new ROOMZ Portal. Use the invitation email you received and click Sign up

Authentication method

Choose your favorite authentication method. You can use Microsoft's or Google's Single Sign On features, or create an independant ROOMZ account

Once your account is created, you're on the Portal's landing page. 

Invite other users

Click on Users, either on the landing page, or under Settings

You can then choose Invite new user, define the Full Name, Email and level of access to the features for your colleague, in click Invite & Continue. She / he will receive the same email invitation as you did

Definition of the Roles


Has full access to all the settings of the ROOMZ Portal

Workspace Manager

Has full access to all the settings concerning Workspaces, Options sets etc. but can't invite new users and access to the settings of the Booking System

Health Manager

Has access to the "System Health" report, in order to monitor battery levels and connectivity

The health manager can, of course, also be part of the persons receiving notifications regarding the System Health of my ROOMZ. For more info about the notifications, please have a look at System Health Notifications .


Can use myRoomz in order to see the live view of workspaces and find / book a desk.  The User will also be able to download and use the MyROOMZ Smartphone App. The User doesn't have access to ROOMZ Portal

More info about myROOMZ can be found here: myROOMZ