Using an Over The Air update

You can trigger an update of the network profile for selected devices, directly in the ROOMZ portal. 

Connection to the default Wi-Fi network

1: Make sure to connect the device to the default Wi-Fi Network (or setup any Wi-Fi network using the NFC method)

Out of the box, each ROOMZ device is delivered with the following default Wi-Fi configuration:

  • Wi-Fi type: WPA2 Personal


  • Password: 12345678

As a first step, you can use your smartphone as a hotspot with this configuration. Then on the ROOMZ Display, press ViewRefresh. The ROOMZ Display will connect to the Cloud server using the default configuration. If it's a Sensor, just switch it on.

On an iPhone, you will have to rename your smartphone in order to change the name of the SSID created by your device. More infos :  

The DHCP Server of IPhones is limited to 13 IP addresses per day. ROOMZ devices don’t consider lease time, they request for an IP address at each connection.

After the 13th connection, the ROOMZ device might not be able to connect to the iPhone’s hotspot anymore.

Adding the new profile

2: Go to Setup - Network Profiles, and choose Add new profile

Define your new profile, and click Save


3: With the "Force" option, you can install the network profile without testing it. This can be used if the wished Wi-Fi Network is not available yet. The setting is saved anyway without trying it.

Publishing the profile

4: Then go to Setup - Devices, check the device you would like to publish the network configuration on, and choose Action - Network Updates


Select the profile you want to publish and apply to the wished devices


The pending Network Update appears next to the MAC Address of the device. It will disappear as soon as it has been installed on the device. After 3 retries, if the logo is displayed in red, it means that it's not possible to connect to the network with the defined settings


You can cancel an incorrect Network Update by checking the wished device, clicking on Actions - Cancel Network Updates