Using NFC



All ROOMZ Devices are equipped with an NFC chip. You can communicate with the device using an Android Smartphone (iOS not supported) with NFC. 

You must be an administrator to be allowed to read and write the network configuration of the devices. 

Read and Write the Network Configuration

Follow these steps in order to read or write the Network Configuration of the devices

  1. Download ROOMZ Tools on your Android phone

  2. Open the tool and sign in with your admin Portal user

  3. Select the feature you would like, you can read or write the network

  4. Move the phone over the ROOMZ device, your phone will vibrate if you are over the NFC chip.

    1. If you have selected read, you can now see the current network configuration of the ROOMZ device

You can now edit the configuration and write it then back to the device or to others by holding it again over the NFC Chip, you will see a confirmation as soon as the network has been written

Location of the NFC Chips:

ROOMZ Display

ROOMZ Sensor


Video Instruction