6 - Spaces creation and device allocation

In this step, we will create a building and the different possible spaces

To access it :



Let's create our first building, click on

You can enter the name of the building :


Once the building is created, you can click on it to access it :


The first thing to do is to click on the "Details" tab to view the different information related to this building :


This information is important to fill in, the working hours as well as the working days will be linked to the Poling Interval and Analytics.


Once the fields are filled in, we can click on the Floor tab to create our first floor :



Then to access it, we click on the floor. In this part, we have access to the creation of the different possible spaces according to your subscriptions:

Please click on the link below to access the relevant tutorial page.


Desk : If you have Desk subscriptions, this is where you will create your desk

Room : If you have displays, this is where you will create them

Huddle : Subscriptions linked to huddles