If you wish to create your Desk without a floorplan, click Add spaces. We recommend creating the spaces with the plan editor, the different types of desk you find below.

You can now choose a Desk :

Once the desk is created, click on it

A desk could be a bookable desk, a Hot desk or an allocated desk. If you would like to have a Hot desk, you need to connect a desk sensor to the space, detailed information you find here

Hot Desk

Settings for a Hot desk (non-bookable desk, anybody is able to use it, just sit down, the sensor is switches the status to red):

A hot desk will switch immediately to red if a sensor detects someone occupying it, after 15 minutes without movement the colour will change to orange. In the option set of a hot desk, you can select the time it will take until the desk goes back to green.

Bookable Desk

Settings for a bookable desk (bookable via ):

Allocated Desk

Settings for an allocated desk (Fix desk used by a single person or a function (Tag)), you can select the days of allocation. You can select for every day (Working days in the settings of the building) another person, only click on the little arrow on the right and choose whether the desk should be assigned or bookable on this day, you can also invite new people and make the desk bookable for this day. Settings for "All" overwrite the entire week.


In the setting above, the Desk is allocated for the user ROOMZ Manager on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the other days the desk is bookable via myROOMZ

Bookable Desk in an area

If you would like to provide the user a desk in an area, you must create a desk as a space in the ‘Spaces’ section.

As desk type you could use all other types above, most of the time we recommand to select bookable Desk:


Do not forget to click on save if you change the settings

Further information

If you want to add some zones or tags to the space, please see here.

If you would like to change the option set, you find more information under the following page