7 - Options


Option sets - Workspaces

Click on a Workspace, and then on Option set in the right panel


Open the Default Room Option Set

You can :

  • Activate or deactivate the Daily and Weelky View

  • Define which information should be displayed for each view

  • What the default view should be

  • The interactive features you want to allow on the devices

  • Activate or deactivate Auto Release

  • When Auto Release is activated, define how long after the meeting's start the room should be released, when no presence has been detected

  • If you’re working with Flex Desks, define how long they should stay orange on the map, after having been occupied


Adapt the settings to your preference and click on Save



You can save the current option set, or save a new version. With several Option Sets saved, you can apply the wished Option Sets to the Workspaces of your choice.

Polling Interval

Under Setup - Global Settings - Technical and tools, you can adapt the Polling Interval

It defines for Displays the maximum amount of time between 2 communications with the server.
If a known meeting will start or end before this interval, the next communication will be aligned to the start or end of the meeting.