ROOMZTools - Drivers for USB connection

In some cases, it can happen that the ROOMZ Display is not immediately recognized by your computer. 

In order to connect to the computer, ROOMZ uses a USB connection that simulates a COM port in your device manager. If you're not able to use ROOMZ Tools, it is possible that you need to install the drivers of your Display manually on your computer.

Here are 2 ways to install the drivers: 

  1. Download and install the following program : 

  2. OR Install the drivers manually 

The correct drivers can be downloaded here (*.zip file).

Example: the Display is visible under "other peripherals", and not installed properly, it should be identified as a COM Port

Make sure to open your Device Manager as an Administrator, to make sure the driver installation works properly

Extract all the downloaded *.zip file to a temporary folder on your computer: 

In your device manager, right click on the device, and choose Properties - Update Drivers

Choose the correct folder, where drivers were extracted, and click Next


The installation could require 2 steps. You might have to do this twice if after the first update, you still see an unidentified peripheral in your device manager. Simply update the drivers with the same procedure. 

The proper drivers should now be installed, and your ROOMZ Display identified as a COM port. You can now use ROOMZTools.