Microsoft Exchange Online - Office 365 (Delegation Permission)

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Create a ROOMZ user

The ROOMZ Server will read and write information with the meeting room's calendar on Microsoft Exchange using Microsoft Graph. We highly recommend to create a specific ROOMZ user for this purpose.

Access rights & calendar information

The following commands have to be executed using ExchangeOnlinePowerShell with admin rights. Once executed, it might take up to 15 minutes before being effective.

Hint: the following connection with the Exchange Admin Center must be executed using Edge or Internet Explorer

  1. Install or start Exchange Online PowerShell Module. You can download it from the Exchange admin Center.
    Once logged in, scroll down to Hybrid.
    (Should you have any issue when downloading this file with Google Chrome, please try with Edge).

2. Execute the following command and connect to your Office365 using an admin account.

1 Connect-EXOPSSession

3. In order to provide the access to “roomz-manager” to the agenda of a meeting room, please execute the following command per room: (replace roomz-manager by the name of your ROOMZ user and my-room by the identifier of your meeting room)

1 Add-MailBoxPermission my-room -User roomz-manager -AccessRights FullAccess -InheritanceType All

Or you can execute the following one which will take all the room mailbox: (replace roomz-manager by the name of your ROOMZ user)

1 Get-Mailbox| where {$_.RecipientTypeDetails -eq "RoomMailbox"} | Add-MailBoxPermission -User roomz-manager -AccessRights FullAccess -InheritanceType All

Meeting Title & Private Flag

By default, when a user is sending an invitation for reserving a meeting room, Exchange will only store the name of the organizer in the agenda of the meeting room. The meeting's title and the private flag are not stored.

This is the result you will get on a ROOMZ Display, if no setup is changed: 

If you want to show the meeting title, the following PowerShell command has to be executed for each room. When the meeting is considered as 'private', the title of the meeting will be replaced by 'Reserved' on the ROOMZ Display. 

NOTE : Once executed, this command will only be effective for the new meetings. When new meeting rooms are created, this command has to be executed again.

1 Get-Mailbox| where {$_.RecipientTypeDetails -eq "RoomMailbox"} | Set-CalendarProcessing -AddOrganizerToSubject $false -DeleteSubject $false -RemovePrivateProperty $false

The title of the future meetings will then be correctly shown on the device:

When a meeting is private, the display will show the information as follows: