What is it? 

The ImageURL connector allows you to use your Displays in order to always show images, instead of the current status of a meeting room. 

To test the greyscale level of the images shown on the Displays, you can use the ROOMZ Image Converter available here.


Go to Setup - Booking System, and register a new ImageURL connector


Define the name of the connector and save


Select Add resource and define the friendly name of the resource. In Resource ID, paste the url of the image. It must be available somewhere on the Internet. Example:

We recommend a black and white image with a resolution of 1024x768


Test the connectivity with Test all


The resource can now be linked to a workspace, as explained here.

The display will show the image, the server will check for updates of the image, so that if a new image is published on the same URL, it will be shown at the next connection of the device to the server (Polling Interval)